Eyez on Me Watercolor Print Collection


Price: Each 12×18 downloadable print is priced at $125.99.
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  • Description:

    The Eyez on Me Watercolor Print Collection is a stunning series of four paintings created by Visual Artist Diaz. Each painting features a beautiful black woman with a paint splash watercolor design, showcasing the strength and resilience of black women. The women’s eyes speak volumes about the struggles and pains they have faced, no matter where they come from. These prints are perfect for adding a touch of elegance to any room and make a great gift for art enthusiasts.


  • Painting Titles:
    1. “Soulful Stride”
    2. “Resilient Grace”
    3. “Courageous Beauty”
    4. “Unwavering Spirit”
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Courageous Beauty, Resilient Grace, Soulful Stride, Unwavering Spirit


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